Friday, April 12, 2013

Currently Coveting: Pale Grey Sofas

If you ask me my favorite color, I'll say green. But one look in my closet, work office, and pinboards will tell you it's grey. Really, it's probably a toss up between the two.

I've always been drawn to charcoal sofas/upholstery, but lately the paler greys have been whispering to me that they also are deserving of love...

The last one is my faaaaavorite. I could absolutely live in that room (though I would probably change the rug). The baby topiary in the striped pot just kills me. So cute.

I find I am frequently at odds with myself over whether I love neutral palettes or brightly colored palettes more. I compromise by having both in my house - my bedroom is very neutral (especially since my latest curtain update that I have not posted about yet) and my home office is super bright and happy. I keep going back and forth on the direction I want to go in my living room though. So indecisive.

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  1. Hi Wrenaria! Do you know where the sofa in the second picture is from?? I love it! Annie