Saturday, February 9, 2013

Design ADD and Headboard Dreams

I've had design ADD like crazy and feeling extra dissatisfied with the house lately. Since I don't have endless money, I decided to make a switch with what I have on hand for some immediate gratification. I booted the yellow dresser out of the bedroom and it is now living in the kitchen. I brought back the old desperately-needs-re-stained dresser (will have to wait for spring/summer) into the bedroom and rearranged the furniture. It's feeling a bit calmer in there now.

The blank canvas is one I've had for ages. I tossed it up there in hopes I'll be inspired to fill it with something and because even an empty canvas is better than an empty wall. I do still need/desire a headboard. Not just to break up the vast amount of curtain in the room, but also for practicality - things like having somewhere to lean when reading and keeping the pillows from attempting to slide off the bed. Also a good excused to buy Euro pillows.

I suppose I never mentioned that I traded out my cheap brassy lamps for these Anthropologie lamps that I'd been admiring for ages. They were on sale for an excellent price, so I snatched them up. I'm glad I did, because it looks like they are no longer available. The chair next to the mirror is an upgrade from the old one - it's an $8 thrift store find. It needs recovered, but it's lovely and easily worth more than I paid for it.

Spent some of this evening messing around in Photoshop trying to figure out what kind of headboard might work in the room...

Basic DIY "pallet" style? 

DIY "pallet" style with a carved top?

This lovely Claudette Headboard from Ballard Designs?

I'm not really sure. Feel free to leave suggestions, Internet. Meanwhile, I'll keep surfing around and might duck into a few local furniture shops to see if anything begs me to take it home without breaking the bank. And imagine a couple lovely plush Euro pillows as opposed to one sad little feather print pillow propped up against them.

As an aside: I'm not sure why these curtains photograph so obnoxiously blue sometimes. They're much less aggressive in person. Ah well.

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