Monday, January 28, 2013

Art? Headboard? Empty Void?

Figured I should finally get around to posting those curtains I mentioned back in, oh, September? I'm what you might call a sporadic blogger. I might get to posting my Christmas project before spring. Maybe.


I've been having really mixed mixed feelings about them, which is annoying because they took so long to make and the fabric wasn't exactly cheap (it was at least on sale). I love the pattern but I'm not sold on the color. I think I kind of wish they were more like this:


But it doesn't look like that particular Dwell Studios fabric is available in navy blue anymore, though it must have been once upon a time based on the proof in this Etsy pillow that used it. I haven't seen anything else I like as much as his pattern as of yet either. I thought I had nailed it with the azure, but you never can tell until something's actually in a space, can you? Maybe I'll keep digging. It would mean quite a lot of money down the drain for the current ones though. Maybe I could sell them? They are fully lined....

Anyways! My bigger conundrum is what to do with THIS wall:


It's a big, empty, rather sad looking void and I haven't figured out how to fill it yet. I'm pretty sure I want a nice big (I mean huge) piece of art there.


Though the right headboard could be good too.


So far I've stumbled across neither and I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for. (Actually I'd love an upholstered and tufted headboard but Matt has severe dust mite allergies, so fabric headboards aren't a realistic option, unfortunately.)