Monday, August 6, 2012

Dresser Renovation - Reveal

So I am fail at blogging, apparently, and never posted a reveal of the final yellow dresser. So here we are, six months later, without further ado...

Yellow Dresser

I ended up painting in our computer/office room, since it was too cold to utilize the garage at the time. There was plastic laid down under the dresser, but I got rid of it pretty quickly after I finished painting and before snapping these pics. The paper bowls kept the plastic from bunching around the legs and made it easier to paint as well as protect the carpet in the final drying stages with the plastic gone.

You can see that I taped off the inside edges when painting even though they can't be seen with the drawers closed, because even if no one else could see it, I would know if the edges were sloppy and I knew that it would bug me.

Yellow Dresser

Yellow Dresser

Please ignore the silver curtains in the next image. They were a trial that I ended up hating and quickly returned.

Yellow Dresser

The black curtains in the next image were old ones I already had and what's currently in the room. Still looking for curtains with the right pop of something to compliment the dresser and perhaps pull in some more teal. Probably something patterned.

Yellow Dresser

Wish I could paint the walls, but since I'm currently in a rental the allowed changes I can make to the house itself are quite minimal. But that's okay! I do what I can!

As a reminder, here's the original dresser:


Quite a change, no?

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