Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

So Emily Henderson, Young House Love, Bower Power, and Making a House a Home put out a Pinterest Challenge and since I have been needing curtains for my dining room, I decided to give it a go.

I did not, however, technically finish my project. Why? Well, I have a 50% coupon that isn't good for another few days that I'd like to utilize to buy the lining with. I decided being financially conscious was more important than meeting the deadline. But I'll post what I got so far. I thought about taking pictures through the process, but alas, I was feeling anxious to get through it all and did not bother to take the time.


What you see here are finished fully sewn stripes with unfinished hemming/side seams. (And a Mochi cat checking it all out.) Everything is just pinned in place at the moment. Once I add the lining, the edges will look more cleanly finished and they should have a little more weight to them. I will edit this post with a finished image once I get the rest of my fabric. For now, they are neatly folded up (pins and all) and sitting in my home office out of reach of curious meows.

My pinspiration?

Except this person actually adhered stripes to existing curtains as a temporary option. Mine are fully measured and cut and sewn by me. Hopefully they look more awesome when complete.

UPDATE: So I'm slow about updating, apparently, but here's the pics of them finished.




Someday I'll get a new table and chairs (this are hand-me-downs), but probably not until I buy a house. Very much want to buy a house...