Monday, March 21, 2011

Mirror on Mirror Action

Rolling along the same mirror and frame vein that I've been on more than once, I somehow just discovered this interesting design method of layering mirrors.

Mirrors - Living Etc
I love teal an unreasonable amount. Just saying.

Mirrors - Unknown
The ornate mirrors and the patterned wallpaper in these first two images are just a killer combination.

Mirrors - House Beautiful

Mirrors- Style Curator
Mirrors AND picture collages! Be still my heart!

Mirrors - Robert Passal
This isn't exactly mirror-on-mirror, but I like the idea here just as much. I think I'd rather have a slightly larger base mirror in this instance. Also, I adore that light fixture. Incredible.

Mirrors - Jax Does Design
Another mirror layering that is just as much about the fixture as the style of layering.

I suppose a less weighty alternative to mirror layering would be to use an empty frame attached to the front of a larger mirror instead of an actual mirror. Would have to depend on the types of glass the mirrors have, I suppose.

Photo Credits: Living Etc, Unknown, House Beautiful, Style Curator, Robert Passal, Jax Does Design (in order of appearance)

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