Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Frames and Mirrors

I've posted before about using mirrors as a decorating tool, but I want to revisit it again, since I've been thinking about it a lot lately. Eventually these thoughts are going to make it to a wall in my house.

I saw the birdcage mirrors in this picture and went !!! OMG DO WANT !!!


The closest thing I could find to what I see there is this bidrcage mirror from Rain Collection.


Since collages were already on my brain, that got me Googling mirrors and frames.

Anthropologie has this great way of making something look both worn and fabulously chic all at the time.



The use of white on white here adds interest and texture without making an already small space feel smaller. Makes that black chair really pop as well.


Love the old, worn windows. They add so much texture to the wall without being overbearing or distracting.

I have mixed feeling about vinyl wall art, but it's really working for me here.


Easy way to fill an empty space and instantly beautiful. With so many variations on how to approach the subject, it keeps it from getting boring.

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