Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Teal, How I Love Thee

The white branches on the teal wall is just so stunning. I'm a sucker for branches though.
Teal  01

It's just as lovely toned down, too. I'm also a sucker for earth tones. Can't say I'm digging the scruffy rug, though. And I don't play chess. The rest is lovely.

Teal  05

Not keen on the super mod furniture and all the bottle clutter, but that green mirror or frame or whatever it is, is simply luscious against that teal space.

Teal  03

I have to admit, this is more about the lamp than the teal, but how could I resist?

Teal  04


Teal  02

I kind of wonder how this brown painting would look against a teal wall. Though, really, just the teal throws are just enough color to work this room.

Teal  06

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