Monday, April 26, 2010

Kelly Ewing

I need to make a post about Kelly Ewing, because I just LOVE her stuff and stumbled across it again today on Coggles. The stuff I love most of hers doesn't seem to be available anywhere anymore, but it still makes for some lovely eye candy.

Kelly Ewing - Grey and White Hitched Kelly Ewing - Champagne Hitched
Short Hitched Grey & White Dress  
Champagne Short Hitched Dress

Kelly Ewing - Cream Coat Kelly Ewing - Brown Coat
Ruffle Cream Coat
Ruffle Brown Coat

Kelly Ewing - Brown Skirt Kelly Ewing - Brown Skirt with Corset
Knot Skirt in Beige Check
Tabitha Knot Corset in Beige Check

Kelly Ewing - Corset
Twice Wrap Sand & Gold Corset

Kelly Ewing was born in Glasgow and raised in Leeds. She launched her label in 2005 and draws inspiration from Victorian aristocracy onward through pre-Raphaelite romanticism, making it contemporary with twists and pattern cutting style. She is currently 28 years old.

In short: pretty, pretty, pretty.

But then I really love hitched/ruched skirts.

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