Thursday, April 29, 2010


Because I love POM tea more than so many things.


And I desire to sleep like kitty.

Kitty Pot

Hanger Cat


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photography: Angela Bacon-Kidwell

Angela Bacon-Kidwell is a Seattle-dwelling photographer who's work is inspired by the subconscious, specifically dreams. Her photos are ethereal and hauntingly beautiful, sometimes even creepy. I love the narrative quality of her work. Each piece feels like a captured moment from a story - a story which the viewer is left to fill in with their own imaginings.

These are a few of my favorite pieces from her collections:







Check out her website to see the rest of her works.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Kelly Ewing

I need to make a post about Kelly Ewing, because I just LOVE her stuff and stumbled across it again today on Coggles. The stuff I love most of hers doesn't seem to be available anywhere anymore, but it still makes for some lovely eye candy.

Kelly Ewing - Grey and White Hitched Kelly Ewing - Champagne Hitched
Short Hitched Grey & White Dress  
Champagne Short Hitched Dress

Kelly Ewing - Cream Coat Kelly Ewing - Brown Coat
Ruffle Cream Coat
Ruffle Brown Coat

Kelly Ewing - Brown Skirt Kelly Ewing - Brown Skirt with Corset
Knot Skirt in Beige Check
Tabitha Knot Corset in Beige Check

Kelly Ewing - Corset
Twice Wrap Sand & Gold Corset

Kelly Ewing was born in Glasgow and raised in Leeds. She launched her label in 2005 and draws inspiration from Victorian aristocracy onward through pre-Raphaelite romanticism, making it contemporary with twists and pattern cutting style. She is currently 28 years old.

In short: pretty, pretty, pretty.

But then I really love hitched/ruched skirts.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Stumbled across this little site full of fun retro-inspired clothing today:

Here's a few gems I pulled from their site:

11712-1 11860-1
Temporary Secretary Dress in Summer
Opera House Dress

8798-1a 12012-1
Kennebunkport Dress
Making Me Blush Skirt

12201-1 10947-1
Study Lounge Cardigan
Fabray Cardigan

12340-1 12191-1
Roll Call Blouse
Baude-flair Top

10401-1 12571-1
Steamboat Top
French Toast Top

11625-1 11803-1x
Cherry Cordial Flat
Brisé Ballet Flat

11185-1x 11123-1
Lemon Meringue Heel
Haute Coco Heel

Loads more fun things on the website, and even some household goods. These were just some of the ones that jumped out at me. Super cute stuff.

They have a section featuring some actual vintage items, too.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Living in Color

Color can add some whimsy to a room and really brighten it up, make it pop, give it some energy - all things I am lacking right now as I sit curled up on the couch with my bright red nose sniffling and breathing mostly through my mouth. But enough about my current miseries and onto the eye candy.

Colorful Bathroom

Relaxing in a hot bath in that cheerful bathroom sounds heavenly about now. The wallpaper is so pretty.

Now check out this room, designed by Margot Austin.

Margot Austin 01 Margot Austin 02

What a beautifully cool, soft palette. Simple, but pleasing to the senses.

Sometimes just a few colors is best.

Green Teal Living Space

Or you could go crazy with this gypsy chandelier.

Colorful Lighting

Maybe a but wild for my taste, but beautiful in the right setting. And definitely interesting enough to catch my eye and make it here. It was created by Dutch by Design.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alexander McQueen: Artist of Fashion

Alexander Lee McQueen deserves recognition here, as I find his work incredibly unique and inspiring. He managed to turn fabric into art, his innovation with materials is mind blowing. So here is a collection of some of my favorites of his works from over the last several years.

McQueen 2003 Met Dress

McQueen 2004 Spring Summer

McQueen 2005 Spring (1) McQueen 2005 Spring (2) McQueen 2005 Spring (3) McQueen 2005 Spring (4)

McQueen 2006 McQueen 2006 Fall McQueen 2006 Fall (2) McQueen 2006 Fall (3)

McQueen 2007 Spring (1) McQueen 2007 Spring (3) McQueen 2007 Spring (2) McQueen 2007 Spring (4) McQueen 2007 Fall McQueen 2007 Fall (2)

McQueen 2008 Fall (3) McQueen 2008 Fall McQueen 2008 Spring (2) McQueen 2008 Spring (3) McQueen 2008 Spring-Summer McQueen 2008 Spring

McQueen 2009 Fall McQueen 2009 Fall (2) McQueen 2009 Pre-Fall McQueen 2009 Pre-Fall (2) McQueen 2009 Pre-Fall Collection (1) McQueen 2009 Pre-Fall Collection (2)

McQueen 2010 Winter McQueen 2010 Fall McQueen 2010 Fall (3) McQueen 2010 Fall (2)

McQueen Shoes - Black-White McQueen Shoes - Titanic Pumps McQueen Shoes - Scaled McQueen Shoes - Feather McQueen Shoes - Flower McQueen Shoes - Decorated Black McQueen Shoes - Flower Boots

Those last shoes are my favorite of the bunch, I think, as much as it pains me to imagine trying to walk in them.

RIP Alexander Lee McQueen, February 11, 2010. I hope you find your way in the beyond.